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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] € This appliance may be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or whose experience or knowledge is not sufficient, provided they are supervised or have received instruction to use the device safely and understand the dangers. € The manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply for any commercial use, inappropriate handling or use of the appliance, any damage resulting from use for other purposes, faulty operation, non-professionals’ repair or failure to comply with the instructions. € In case of an emergency: immediately remove the plug from the power socket. € Only plug the appliance into suitable, easily accessible, earthed mains connections. [. . . ] Each parameter has been calculated with great precision to ensure that all the aromas from each capsule can be extracted, to give the coffee body and create an exceptionally thick and smooth crema. "Welcome to Nespresso folder" CAUTION: when you see this sign, please refer to the safety precautions to avoid possible harm and damage. When unpacking the machine, remove the plastic film, water tank, drip tray, and capsule container. Adjust the cable length and store the excess in the cable guide under the machine. Rinse the water tank before filling with potable water up to maximum level. Rinsing: place a container under coffee outlet and press the Lungo button. 3x 3x Disassemble the Rapid Cappuccino System and clean all 5 components in the upper level of your dishwasher. In case a dishwater is not available, refer to the "Hand Washing of Rapid Cappuccino System" section. 14 Coffee preparation Préparation du café NOTE: during heat up, you can press any coffee buttons. Lift and close the lever to eject the capsule into the used capsule container. Remove the milk container by pressing the button on the side of the milk jug. Press the button on the side of milk jug and pull to unlock the rapid system connector. Fill the milk container up to one of the two levels indicators: Cappuccino Latte Macchiato NOTE: the Rapid Cappuccino System does not work with water. rEMARQUE: le Rapid Cappuccino System ne fonctionne pas avec de l'eau. Close the milk container and connect the Rapid Cappuccino System to the machine. Place a Cappuccino cup or a Latte Macchiato glass under the coffee outlet and adjust milk spout position by lifting it up to the right level. CLEAN Lift and close the lever to eject the capsule into the used capsule container. After a period of non use of maximum 30 minutes after your milk recipe preparation, disassemble the Rapid Cappuccino System, and clean all components in the upper side of your dishwasher. The Rapid Cappuccino System is not intended to be stored in the fridge. Programming coffee quantity Programmation de la longueur de tasse Follow the step 1-2 of section "coffee preparation". suivez les étapes 1 et 2 de la section «Préparation du café». NOTE: please refer to factory settings section for min / max programmable quantities. [. . . ] - The milk system has not been designed to work with vegetale milk (rice, etc). 29 EN FR Contact the Nespresso Club Comment contacter le Club Nespresso For any additional information, in case of problems or simply to seek advise, call the Nespresso Club. Contact details of the Nespresso Club can be found in the "Welcome to Nespresso" folder in your machine box or at nespresso. Com Limited Guarantee Garantie limitée De’Longhi warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. [. . . ]


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