User manual NIKON AF-I NIKKOR ED 300MM F/2.8D IF


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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] To remove, press the lens' release button on the camera and turn the camera body counterclockwise. FOCUSING When used with a Nikon F4-series camera, this lens not only lets you choose between autofocus or manual focusing, but also enables quick switching between autofocus and manual (autofocus with manual priority) by presetting the focus mode ring to the M/A position. ^ \ Camera's focus m ode Cameras ^ \ C S M Nikon AF (autofocus) cameras (except for F3AF) Other Nikon cameras C Lens' focus mode M/A Autofocus with manual priority Manual focus (Focus assist is available) M Manual focus (Focus assist is available) A Autofocus F4-Series s M Manual focus (Focus assist is available) Manual focus 13 MMlMHBMa|H| For use with a Nikon F4-series Camera To select autofocus mode, push the focus mode button and rotate focus mode ring until it clicks into position al A. [. . . ] To focus manually with the focus mode ring set at M/A, the M/A mode must be set for manual before lens is attached to the camera. for a Nikon Non-Autofocus Camera Only manual focusing operation is available. Push the focus mode button and rotate focus mode ring until it clicks into position at M. rotate focusing ring until the viewfinder image appears sharp and crisp. FOCUS LOCK (WITH AN F4-SERIES CAMERA) When shooting a subject that is off-center or moving in Continuous Servo Autofocus mode, press this button to lock focus. To cancel focus lock and reactivate autofocus, remove your finger from the focus lock button. Although AF-Lock function can be set on both camera and lens, priority is given to whichever is set first. FOCUSING LIMIT SWITCH (F4-SERIES CAMERA) With autofocus operation, you can reduce focusing time by setting the focusing limit switch according to the predetermined distance range for the subject(s). There are three focusing limit zones provided: Close distance — infinity < * ) Set switch to front setting (FULL) <> Close distance — 7m Set switch to middle setting (7 — 2. 5m) 6m — infinity (°°) Set switch to rear setting (~> — 6m) RECOMMENDED FOCUSING SCREEN Various interchangeable focusing screens are available for Nikon cameras to suit any type of lens or picturetaking situation. For F4-series cameras, compensate using the Exposure Compensation Dial for the focusing screens. Since type M screen can be used for both macrophotography at a 1:1 magnification ratio and for photomicrography, it has different applications than other screens. For the K2, B2 and E2 focusing screens, refer to the columns on the K, B and E screens, respectively. For details, also refer to the specific camera's instruction manual. A For programmed auto or shutter-priority auto shooting, use the minimum aperture lock lever to lock the lens aperture at f/22. Slide lock lever in the direction of the aperture ring and so the white dot on the lever aligns with the orange dot. [. . . ] If this happens, wipe it again with a cotton cloth moistened with alcohol. €¢ Take care in cleaning the rear part of the lens with a spraygun-type blower because its strong stream of air may damage the lens diaphragm blades. To avoid damage, set the lens at full aperture and use the blower far enough away. [. . . ]


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