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Manual abstract: user guide NIKON NIKKOR 28MM F-2.8

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Spherical and coma aberrations are well corrected to ensure uniformly sharp images of high contrast over the entire film plane even at full aperture. adopting the Nikon's Close-Renge Correction System , this lens also offers high performance enen in close-up shooting. [. . . ] When the lens is used with the Nikon F-401/N4004, The camera meter coupling function does not operate and the exposure indecator LEDs do not appear. Verious interchangeable focusing screens are available for Nikon F6-, F5-, F4- and F3-series cameras to suit any type of lens or picture-taking situation. Those wihch are recommended for use with this lens are listed in the table (see the reverse). When mounting the lens on a camera body with a Meter coupling lever (Al type), make sure that the lever is correctly positioned; when mounting on a camera body without this lever (non-Al type), "manual" maximum aperture indexing is required. To remove dirt and smudges, use a soft, clean cotton cloth or lens tissue moistened with lens cleaner (separately Wipe in ca circular motion from center to outer edge, taking care not to leave traces and not to touch the other lens parts. ⷠTo protect the lens surface from dirt or damage, the use of an NC filter is recommended at all times. To protect the lens surface from dirt or demage, replace both the front and rear caps whenever the lens is not in use. ⷠDo not splash water on the lens or drop it in the water because this will cause it to rust and malfunction. ⷠIf you will not use the lens for a long time, protect it from rust and mold by storing it in a cool, dry place. Also, do not store in direct sunlight, and keep it away from naphthalene or camphor. [. . . ] * The first values are for the K1-ring used alone and the second ones for five rings used together. ** The first values are for the PK-1 1A or PK-1 ring used alone and the second ones for three rihgs (PK-11A ­ PK-13 or PK-1 ­ PK-3) used **** The figures shown here represent the ranges obtained with the subject on the baseplate, using the lens without anu close-up [. . . ]


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