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Manual abstract: user guide OLYMPUS Μ-550WP

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] STYLUS-550WP / m-550WP Instruction Manual DIGITAL CAMERA ThankyouforpurchasinganOlympusdigitalcamera. Beforeyoustartto useyournewcamera, pleasereadtheseinstructionscarefullytoenjoy optimumperformanceandalongerservicelife. Keepthismanualina safeplaceforfuturereference. We recommend that you take test shots to get accustomed to your camerabeforetakingimportantphotographs. Intheinterestofcontinuallyimprovingproducts, Olympusreservesthe righttoupdateormodifyinformationcontainedinthismanual. Thescreenandcameraillustrationsshowninthismanualwereproduced duringthedevelopmentstagesandmaydifferfromtheactualproduct. Step 1 Strap LI-42BLithiumIonBattery LI-41CBatteryCharger Checking the contents of the box Digitalcamera USBcable AVcable OLYMPUSMaster2 CD-ROM Otheraccessoriesnotshown:InstructionManual(thismanual), warrantycard. [. . . ] Waituntil#(flashcharge)stopsblinkingbefore takingpictures. EN Error message Whenoneofthemessagesbelowis displayedonthemonitor, checkthe correctiveaction. · Eraseunwantedimages. *1 Card problem · Useabtoselect[CLEAN CARD], andpressthe obutton. Takeoutthecard, wipethecontactarea(p. 47) withasoft, drycloth, andthen loadthecardagain. · Useabtoselect[FORMAT], andpresstheobutton. Next, useabtoselect[YES], and presstheobutton. *2 Internal memory problem Useabtoselect[MEMORY FORMAT], andpressthe obutton. Next, useabto select[YES], andpressthe obutton. *2 Internal memory/Card problem Takepicturesbeforeviewing them. Problem with selected image Usephotoretouchsoftware, etc. toviewtheimageona computer. Iftheimagestill cannotbeviewed, theimagefile iscorrupted. Error message r THE IMAGE CANNOT BE EDITED Corrective action Problem with selected image Usephotoretouchsoftware, etc. toedittheimageonacomputer. q CARD ERROR q WRITE PROTECT CARD-COVER OPEN g BATTERY EMPTY Operation problem Closethebattery/card compartmentcover. Battery problem Chargethebattery. Connection problem Connectthecameraand computerorprintercorrectly. > MEMORY FULL q CARD FULL NO CONNECTION CARD SETUP NO PAPER Printer problem Loadpaperintotheprinter. CLEAN CARD FORMAT SET OK Printer problem Refilltheinkintheprinter. Printer problem Turnoffthecameraandprinter, checktheprinterforany problems, andthenturnthe poweronagain. JAMMED SETTINGS CHANGED*3 MEMORY SETUP IN POWER OFF MEMORY FORMAT SET OK L NO PICTURE PRINT ERROR Problem with selected image r CANNOT PRINT*4 Useacomputertoprint. *3 Thisisdisplayed, forinstance, whentheprinter's papertrayhasbeenremoved. Donotoperate theprinterwhilemakingtheprintsettingsonthe camera. *4 Thiscameramaybeunabletoprintimagestakenby othercameras. *1 *2 r PICTURE ERROR EN Shooting tips Whenyouareunsureofhowtotakeapicture thatyouenvision, refertotheinformationbelow. Whenobjectsareatdifferent distances Focusing "Focusing on the subject" Taking a picture of a subject not in the center of the screen Afterfocusingonanobjectatthesamedistance asthesubject, composetheshot, andtakethe picture. Pressingtheshutterbuttonhalfway(p. 14) AFlock(p. 18) Fast-movingobject Thesubjectisnotinthe centeroftheframe Taking a picture of subjects where autofocus is difficult Inthefollowingcases, afterfocusingonanobject (bypressingtheshutterbuttonhalfwaydown)with highcontrastatthesamedistanceasthesubject, composetheshotandtakethepicture. Camera shake "Taking pictures without camera shake" Subjectswithlowcontrast Taking pictures using h mode (p. 17) Sinceyoucantakepictureswithahighshutter speedbysetting[jSPORT], it'salsoeffectivefor blurrysubjects. Taking pictures at a high ISO sensitivity Whenextremelybrightobjects appearinthecenterofthe screen IfahighISOsensitivityisselected, picturescan betakenatahighshutterspeedevenatlocations whereaflashcannotbeused. [ISO](p. 25) Objectwithnoverticallines*1 *1 Itisalsoeffectivetocomposetheshotbyholding thecameraverticallytofocus, andthenreturningto thehorizontalpositiontotakethepicture. EN Exposure (brightness) "Taking pictures with the right brightness" Battery "Making battery last longer" Taking pictures using [FACE DETECT] (p. 27) Appropriateexposureisobtainedforaface againstthebacklight, andthefaceisbrightened. Avoid performing the following operations as much as possible as they use up battery power even if no pictures are actually taken Repeatedlypressingtheshutterbutton halfway. Taking pictures using [FILL IN] (p. 20) flash Asubjectagainstabacklightisbrightened. Repeatedlyusingthezoom. 21) Adjustthebrightnesswhileviewingthescreen fortakingthepicture. Normally, takingpicturesof whitesubjects(suchassnow)resultsinimages thataredarkerthantheactualsubject. Usethe Fbuttontoadjustinthepositivedirectionto expresswhitesastheyappear. Whentaking picturesofblacksubjects, ontheotherhand, itis effectivetoadjustinthenegativedirection. Playback/Editing tips Playback "Playing images in the internal memory and card" Remove the card when playing back pictures in the internal memory Color hue "Taking pictures with colors at the same shade as they appear" "Loadingthebatteryandthe xD-PicturecardTM(soldseparately)intothe camera"(p. 11) Taking pictures by selecting [WB] (p. 25) Bestresultsinmostenvironmentscannormally beobtainedwiththeAUTOsetting, butforsome subjects, youshouldtryexperimentingwith differentsettings. (Thisisespeciallytruefor sunshadeunderaclearsky, mixednaturaland artificiallightsettings, andsoon. ) "UsingamicroSDcard/microSDHCcard(sold separately)"(p. 12) Editing "Erasing the sound recorded to a still image" Image quality "Taking sharper pictures" Record over the sound with silence when playing back the image [R(Addsoundtostillpicture)](p. 29) Taking pictures with the optical zoom Avoidusing[DIGITALZOOM](p. 25)totake pictures. Taking pictures at a low ISO sensitivity IfthepictureistakenwithahighISOsensitivity, noise(smallcoloredspotsandcolorunevenness thatwerenotintheoriginalimage)canoccur, and theimagecanappeargrainy. [ISO](p. 25) EN Appendix Camera care Exterior · Wipegentlywithasoftcloth. Ifthecamerais verydirty, soaktheclothinmildsoapywater andwringwell. Wipethecamerawiththe dampclothandthendryitwithadrycloth. If youhaveusedthecameraatthebeach, usea clothsoakedincleanwaterandwrungwell. · Ifanydirt, dust, sand, orotherforeignmaterial adherestotheperipheryofthelenscover afteruse, orthelenscoverdoesnotmove smoothly, washthecamerausingthemethod describedonP. 50. Lens · Blowdustoffthelenswithacommercial blower, thenwipegentlywithalenscleaner. Battery/Charger · Wipegentlywithasoft, drycloth. Donotusestrongsolventssuchasbenzene oralcohol, orchemicallytreatedcloth. Moldmayformonthelenssurfaceifthe lensisleftdirty. Battery and charger · ThiscamerausesoneOlympuslithiumion battery(LI-42B/LI-40B). Noothertypeof batteriescanbeused. CAUTION Thereisariskofexplosionifthebatteryis replacedwiththeincorrectbatterytype. [. . . ] comthisproductwillberepaired, oratOlympus's optionreplaced, freeofcharge. Toclaimunder thiswarrantythecustomermusttaketheproduct andthisWarrantyCertificatebeforetheend ofthetwoyearwarrantyperiodtothedealer wheretheproductwaspurchasedoranyother Olympusservicestationwithinthebusinessarea ofOlympusImagingEuropaGmbHasstipulated onthewebsite:http://www. olympus. com. During theoneyearperiodoftheWorldWideWarranty thecustomermayturntheproductinatany Olympusservicestation. Pleasenoticethatnotin allcountriessuchOlympusservicestationexists. EN 2 Thecustomershalltransporttheproducttothe dealerorOlympusauthorizedservicestation athisownriskandshallberesponsibleforany costsincurredintransportingtheproduct. 3 Thiswarrantydoesnotcoverthefollowing andthecustomerwillberequiredtopayrepair charge, evenfordefectsoccurringwithinthe warrantyperiodreferredtoabove. nydefectthatoccursduetomishandling (suchasanoperationperformedthatisnot mentionedintheSafetyPrecautionsorother sectionsoftheinstructions, etc. ) A b. nydefectthatoccursduetorepair, modification, cleaning, etc. performedby anyoneotherthanOlympusoranOlympus authorizedservicestation. [. . . ]


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