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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] CWPC05INSTEFDS_01 Please read the following before use Master the basics. Before taking any pictures, make sure you have mastered the basics of using the case. CAUTION How to press the shutter button Press the shutter button gently, so that there is no movement of the camera. For detailed instructions on shutter operation, refer to the digital camera's instruction manual. [. . . ] If there is something wrong with the waterproof packing, 3 seconds is long enough for water to get inside. Remove the case from the water and check that there is no water in the bottom of the case. Remove the case from the water and check that there is no water in the bottom of the case. Is there any abnormality with the waterproof packing where the case opens ? Are the waterproof packing and the waterproof packing contact surface free of dirt and other foreign matter ?Close the rear lid, of the case, engage the buckle with the edge of the rear lid, and tilt the left grip in the direction of the arrow to seal the case. Otherwise, it is possible that any of the following accidents might occur. Injury from caused by a child getting fingers or other body parts caught in parts of this product which open and close. Please consult a physician immediately if any parts have been swallowed. Triggering of the flash in front of the eyes could cause permanent vision impairment. If this products leaks when a camera is installed, remove the battery from the camera as quickly as possible. There is the possibility of ignition and explosion from generation of hydrogen gas. If it is broken by severe impact with a rock or other hard object, the broken pieces could cause injury. (Visual inspection) After sealing the case, check around the sealed section on the front and rear lid to make sure that there are no particles caught in the waterproof packing. Hairs, fibers, and other small particles are not easy to see, but they may allow entry of water, so look very closely. Also take extra care to ensure there are no fractures and cracks on the main unit. Remove the case from the water and check once more that there is no water in the bottom of the case. For Prevention of Water Leakage Accidents When water leakage occurs while this product is being used, the camera inside may be irreparably damaged. When sealing this product, make sure that there are no hairs, fibers, sand particles or other foreign matter adhering to the waterproof packing or the surface that comes in contact with the packing. Even a single hair or a single grain of sand may cause water leakage. [. . . ] Also, do not expose the case to direct sunlight, as this may accelerate deterioration and deformation of the case and waterproof packing, leading to leakage. Maintaining Water Resistance Remove any foreign matter from the waterproof packing. Check the waterproof packing carefully to ensure that it is not damaged or cracked and that it is free of any foreign particles including sand and dust Remove any foreign particles using a ling-free cotton swab. If the waterproof packing is damaged or cracked, do not use the Case underwater as water leakage could occur. [. . . ]


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