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Manual abstract: user guide OLYMPUS X-43

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] DIGITAL CAMERA FE-47/X-43 Instruction Manual Thank you for purchasing an Olympus digital camera. Before you start to use your new camera, please read these instructions carefully to enjoy optimum performance and a longer service life. We recommend that you take test shots to get accustomed to your camera before taking important photographs. In the interest of continually improving our products, Olympus reserves the right to update or modify information contained in this manual. [. . . ] "Inserting the battery and the SD/SDHC memory card (sold separately)" (p. 10) This condition may occur when the camera is pointed at an extremely bright subject under a clear sky and so on. The lines do not appear, however, in the final image. If [ALKALINE] is selected with NiMH batteries, the camera may fail to turn on when the batteries are low. Be sure the batteries are fully charged, and select [NiMH] for [BATTERY TYPE]. 36) "The light is caught in the picture". Shooting with flash in dark situations results in an image with many flash reflections on dust in the air. Battery performance may have been reduced temporarily due to low temperature. Take the batteries out of the camera, and warm them by putting them in your pocket for a while. Date and time function "Date and time settings return to the default setting". If the batteries are removed and left out of the camera for about a day*2, the date and time settings return to the default setting, and must be reset. *2 The time until the date and time settings return to the default setting varies depending on how long the batteries have been loaded. 12) Card/Internal memory "An error message is displayed". "Error message" (p. 43) Shutter button "No picture is taken when the shutter button is pressed". Miscellaneous "The camera makes a noise when taking pictures". Cancel sleep mode. To save battery power, the camera automatically goes into sleep mode and the monitor turns off if there is no operation for 3 minutes when the camera is turned on. No picture is taken even if the shutter button is fully pressed in this mode. Operate the zoom buttons or other buttons to restore the camera from sleep mode before taking a picture. If the camera is left for another 12 minutes, it automatically turns off. Press the n button to turn the camera on. The camera may activate the lens and make a noise even if no operation is performed. This is because the camera automatically performs actions of auto focus as far as it is ready to shoot. Press the q button to switch to the shooting mode. Wait until #(flash charge) stops blinking before taking pictures. 42 EN Error message When one of the messages below is displayed on the monitor, check the corrective action. Card problem The card write-protect switch is set to the "LOCK" side. · Erase unwanted images. *1 Card problem · Replace the card. · Erase unwanted images. *1 Card problem Use FG to select [FORMAT], and press the H button. Next, use FG to select [YES], and press the H button. *2 Internal memory problem Use FG to select [MEMORY FORMAT], and press the H button. Next, use FG to select [YES], and press the H button. *2 Internal memory/Card problem Take pictures before viewing them. Connection problem Connect the camera and computer or printer correctly. Printer problem Turn off the camera and printer, check the printer for any problems, and then turn the power on again. Problem with selected image Use a computer to print. JAMMED SETTINGS CHANGED*3 CARD ERROR WRITE PROTECT PRINT ERROR MEMORY FULL CANNOT PRINT*4 *1 CARD FULL CARD SETUP *2 *3 POWER OFF FORMAT SET OK *4 Before erasing important images, download them to a computer. [. . . ] This worldwide Guarantee must be presented at an Olympus authorized repair service station before any repair can be made under conditions of this Guarantee. This Guarantee is valid only if the Guarantee Certificate and proof of purchase are presented at the Olympus repair service station. Please note that this Guarantee is in addition to and does not affect the customer's legal warranty rights under the applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods mentioned above. 2 This Guarantee does not cover the following and the customer will be required to pay repair charge, even for defects occurring within the Guarantee period referred to above. [. . . ]


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