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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] τας Αέρα-Νερού Průvodce Rychlá nabídka 38-43 Český Tepelné čerpadlo vzduch/voda Guide du menu rapide Pompe à chaleur air-eau 44-49 Français Schnellmenü-Anleitung 50-55 Deutsch Luft/Wasser-Wärmepumpe Hızlı Menü Kılavuzu Hava-Su Isı Pompası Snabbmenyguide Luft-vatten-värmepump 56-61 Türkçe 62-67 Svenska Hurtigmenyveiledning 68-73 Norsk Luft-til-vann varmepumpe Pikavalikko-opas Ilma-vesilämpöpumppu 74-79 Suomi Hurtig menuvejledning 80-85 Dansk Luft-til-vand varmepumpe ACXF55-02060 Before Use This Quick Guide explains how to use the Quick Menu. Please read the Operating Instructions thoroughly before using the Quick Menu. [. . . ] ) (The quiet operation starts approximately 1 minute after • Quiet mode is set off. € If you select “Delete”, the timer setting of the selected pattern will be deleted. – Note: • If the time overlaps with another pattern, "Set time is overlapped!Is English (The Force Heater mode starts approximately 1 minute after pressed. – Note: • Force Heater is disabled whenever operation is already on and ‘Disabled due to operation ON!5 Select this icon to delete (cancel) or change the pre-set Weekly Timer. € If you select “No”, the screen will return to the Main Screen. [Example of a Timer setup] Select the day(s) which you wish to edit using buttons. / • Select mode using 5 Set the temperature for both Zone 1 and 2 (if your system has the 2-Zone setting). – Note: • Timer is disabled when Force Heater is turned on or Heat-Cool SW is enabled. € If you have preset the Weekly Timer on 2 zones, you must repeat the same procedure with Zone 2. ) Force Defrost Select to restore the previous settings when error has occurred. [. . . ] 5 Still inn temperaturen for både Sone 1 og 2 (hvis systemet har innstilling for 2 soner). € Hvis du har forhåndsinnstilt Uketimer for 2 soner, må du gjenta den samme prosedyren for Sone 2. [. . . ]


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