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[. . . ] 28 For details about the Network Functions and listening modes, and information regarding the advanced settings, refer to the "Advanced Manual" available on our website. 0 The power cord must be connected only after all other cable connections are completed. 0 We will not accept responsibility for damage arising from the connection of equipment manufactured by other companies. aM loop antenna (1) 0 Quick Start Guide (1) 0 Basic Manual (This manual) 0 Connect speakers with 4 Ω to 16 Ω impedance. [. . . ] c a Indoor FM antenna , b AM loop antenna , c Ethernet cable , d Power cord 20 SN29402804_VSX-932_BAS_En_1701XX. Book 21 ページ 2017年2月3日 金曜日 午前9時31分 > Before Start > Part Names > Install > Initial Setup > Playback Initial Setup with Auto Start-up Wizard 1 Initial Setup Starts Automatically When you turn the unit on for the first time after purchasing it, Initial Setup is automatically shown on the TV to enable you to make settings required for startup using simple operations following onscreen guidance. Select the item with the cursors of the remote controller and press ENTER (a) to confirm your selection. INPUT TV a 2 3 b 0 If you terminate the procedure on the way or want to change a setting made during Initial Setup, press on the remote controller, and from the Home select "System Setup" - "Miscellaneous" - "Initial Setup", and press ENTER. Full Auto MCACC Place the supplied speaker setup microphone in the listening position, measure the test tones emitted by the speakers, then the unit automatically sets the optimum volume level for each speaker, the crossover frequencies, and the distance from the listening position. This also automatically adjusts the equalizers for the speakers and enables correction of distortion caused by the acoustic environment of the room. The speakers emit the test tone at high volume during measurement, so be careful of your surroundings. 0 If you have connected a subwoofer, check the power and volume of the subwoofer. 0 If the power of this unit suddenly turns off, the wires in the speaker cables may have touch the rear panel or other wires and tripped the protection circuit. Twist the wires again properly and make sure they do not stick out of the speaker terminals when connecting. Place the supplied speaker setup microphone in the listening position, and connect to the MCACC SETUP MIC jack on the main unit. "Use iOS Device (iOS7 or later)": Share the iOS device's Wi-Fi settings with this unit. If you select "Scan Networks", there are a further two choices of connection method. "Enter Password": Enter the password (or key) of the access point to connect. "Push Button": If the access point has an automatic connection button, you can connect without entering a password. 0 If the SSID of the access point is not displayed, then in the screen listing the SSIDs, select "Other. " with the cursor on the remote controller and press ENTER, then follow the onscreen instructions. Keyboard Input To switch between upper and lower case, select "A/a" on the screen and press ENTER. To select whether to mask the password with " " or display it in plain text, press +Fav on the remote controller. 0 A confirmation screen asking you to agree to the privacy policy is displayed during network setting. The image on the screen changes as you choose the number of channels in "Speaker Channels", so refer to it when performing the settings. Test tones are emitted by the speakers, and firstly the unit detects the speakers connected and the noise in the environment. [. . . ] 0 The listening mode last selected for the source is remembered for each of the AUTO/DIRECT, SURR, and STEREO buttons. AUTO/DIRECT button (a) Press repeatedly and the listening modes suited to the input signal are switched between "Auto Surround", "Direct", and "Pure Direct". After selecting one of them, "Auto Surround" (or "Direct" or "Pure Direct") is displayed on the display of the main unit, then the listening mode selected automatically (Dolby Digital for multichannel input signals, Stereo for 2 channel input signals, etc. The "Direct" mode shuts down some processing that can affect sound quality, such as the tone control features, so you can enjoy even better sound quality. [. . . ]


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