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[. . . ] Important information Ensure that your domestic mains supply voltage matches the voltage indicated on the identification sticker located at the back of your set. Where the mains plug, AC inlet or an appliance coupler is used as disconnect device, it shall remain readily operable. On certain models, the light indicator is located at the side of the TV set. The absence of a light indication at the front does not mean that the TV set is fully disconnected from the mains. [. . . ] To put the TV into standby mode, press the button on the remote control. ) Initial setup The first time you switch the set on, the Welcome screen appears, which guides you through the initial setup process. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the initial setup process such as selecting the language, connecting to the network, scanning channels, and more. If you skip a step, you can perform the setup later from the settings menu. Note: If the channel search retrieved only the analogue channels it could be caused by poor broadcasting and therefore is not covered by manufacturer warranty. Manufacturers cannot be held responsible for lack of or poor broadcasting in some areas. EN 9 Chapter 3 - Basic TV operations Accessing channels Using the numeric buttons: press the corresponding numeric buttons on the remote control to access the channels. Using the P / buttons: press the P / buttons on the remote control or the corresponding buttons on the TV set to scroll through the channels. Using the LIST button: press the LIST button on the remote control to display the channel list and press ▲/▼/◄/► and OK to select channels. Note: Since the connection with Internet takes time, it’s recommended that you wait a few minutes to use the Smart TV feature after activation of TV from standby. English Accessing T-Launcher Allows you to enjoy Internet Applications (Apps) and videos. Watching connected devices Press on the remote control to display the source list. press ▲/▼ to select TV or other input sources and press OK to confirm. On the remote control to You can also press display the homepage, press ▲/▼ to move to the Source area, then press ◄/► and OK to select the input source. Using TV settings menu Allows you to adjust TV settings, such as picture and sound. Press ▲/▼ to select the desired item, then press OK/► to enter the corresponding submenu. In submenus, press ▲/▼ to select menu options, then press OK/► to enter the option list, the adjustment interface, or the corresponding submenu. Press EXIT or Note: You can also press on the remote control, select Settings (if available) and press OK to enter the Settings menu. Adjusting volume Volume control: press the / buttons on the remote control or the corresponding buttons on the TV set to increase or decrease the volume. Accessing Android TV homepage Allows you to enjoy Internet Applications (Apps) and specially adapted Internet websites, and perform system settings for your TV. WARNING: • Configure the network settings before using Smart TV applications. €¢ Slow responses and/or interruptions may occur, depending on your network conditions. [. . . ] You can select one or more items and Instant power on It enables you to turn on your TV in 4 seconds from standby mode. eN 13 Chapter 5 - Other information Password in Parental Control -- The default password is 1234. If you forget your code, enter the super password to override any existing codes. 4G Wi-Fi transmitter power: 16dBm (+/- 4dB) • 5G Wi-Fi transmitter frequency range: -- Band 1: 5180 - 5240MHz -- Band 4: 5745 - 5825MHz • 5G Wi-Fi transmitter power: -- Band 1: 14dBm (+/- 3dB) -- Band 4: 11dBm (+/- 3dB) • DVB-T/T2/C tuner frequency range: 45 - 858MHz • DVB-S/S2 tuner frequency range: 950 - 2150MHz * In all EU member states, operation of 5180 5240MHz is restricted to indoor use only. [. . . ]


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