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[. . . ] -Do not leave children unattended near the appliance since they might lock themselves up into it. DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLIANCE Detergent Drawer Control Panel Power Plug Door Outlet Hose Drum Pump Cover Accessories Detergent Drawer Screw hole plug Water inlet pipe 26 GB INSTALLATION Unpacking All transit bolts at the rear of the appliance and packing must be removed before using the appliance. Keep all the transit bolts for re-use in case the appliance is to be transported again. Make sure that there is sufficient space for air circulation around the appliance. [. . . ] Signal function You can use this function to turn on or off the sound made when pressing the buttons or turning the programme selection knob. °C and / / Essorage for about 3 seconds until beeps will be heard to indicate the signal function is activated. °C and / / Essorage again for about 3 seconds until the beeps are heard. Turn the knob to the Memo / Mon Cycle position and the memorised programme will be 2. / Additional functions You can use the additional function buttons after selecting the desired programme, temperature and spin speed. Speed wash You can use this function when washing lightly soiled clothes for a shorter washing time. extra rinse Press Extra Rinse/Rinçage plus to select this function. 32 GB Child lock The function is designed to prevent children from operating the washing machine. To activate the function: Press and hold Extra Rinse/Rinçage plus and Prewash/Prélavage at the same time for about 3 seconds until the indicator light illuminates on the display. When child lock is activated, no button can work except the power button To deactivate the function: . Press and hold Extra Rinse/Rinçage plus and Prewash/Prélavage at the same time for 3 seconds until the indicator light goes out. This function will also be deactivated when the power supply is cut off. 5 Î ˜ š 30 / 30 0:50 800 34 GB Rapide 15 min / Chrono 2 Î ˜ š Cold / 40 0:15 800 Sport Lavage Main 5 š ˜ š 40 / 60 0:45 1200 / 2 š ˜ š Cold / 30 1:00 800 Coton eco / 10 Î ˜ š 60 / 60 3:59 1600 Note: the parameters in this chart are only for reference. Î - No š - Optional ˜ -Yes Energy test programme: Cotton ECO 60°C/40°C, Spin speed: 1600 Washing Programme Cotton Synthetic Baby care Jeans Mix Colours Wool Delicate Quick Sport wear Hand wash Cotton ECO Type of Laundry Bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, gowns, underwear, etc. Baby clothes Jeans Mixed load of synthetic and cotton garments Clothes with bright colours Only machine washable woollens Delicate articles such as silk Lightly soiled clothes Synthetic sports fabrics Lightly soiled delicate clothes such as cashmere or silk Bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, gowns, underwear, etc. Underwear Normally soiled articles, including synthetic and wool 40°C, 30°C, 20°C, Cold water 35 GB Changing the programme, temperature and spin speed during 1. Reloading laundry If you want to add additional items of laundry after the programme has started, press and hold Start/Pause for about 3 seconds. Bubble removal function Excessive bubbles will form when there is too much detergent, which will affect wash and rinse performance. With this function, the machine will automatically remove bubbles when excessive bubbles are checked. It will also remind you of using less detergent during the next washing cycle. Washing Tips and Hints Sort your laundry according to the following characteristics: -Type of fabric care label symbol: Sort laundry into cottons, mixed fibres, synthetics, silks, wools and rayon. -Size: Placing articles of different sizes in the same load will improve the washing performance. [. . . ] Please choose the suitable type of detergent for the various washing temperatures to get the best washing performance with less water and energy consumption. 45% 45% 56dB (A) 78dB (A) Free standing 850 mm 595 mm 565 mm 2000W 220-240V~/50Hz 0. 05-1 MPa 42 GB DISPOSAL As a responsible retailer we care about the environment. As such we urge you to follow the correct disposal procedure for the appliance and packaging materials. [. . . ]


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